Abstract The drive for user-entri systems in ombination with an emergen e of wireless networking and in reasing omputing apabilities of mobile

devi es propel the development of Context-Aware (CA) systems. Moreover,

nowadays, for the development of omputer systems, the Servi e-Oriented

Computing (SOC) paradigm be ame popular as it advo ates use of servi es

to support the development of rapid, low-ost, interoperable, evolvable, and

distributed appli ations. Being a system development paradigm, the SOC an

provide fundamental building blo ks for developing ubiquitous CA systems.

However, ontext-awareness itself is a relatively new and s attered resear h

area. Due to the omplex hallenges en ountered in a development of CA

systems (su h as ontext a quisition or the multifa eted nature of ontext),

urrent resear h initiatives address only some spe i problems, abstra ting

from others. Nevertheless, a holisti view of ontext-awareness en ompasses

numerous relevant ross-utting resear h and development aspe ts. This holis-

ti view is presented by means of a domain model of ontext-awareness pro-

posed in this hapter. We reveal state-of-the-art of the individual resear h

(sub-) domains and we analyze how they t in the proposed domain model

and how they map onto the widely used layered model for CA systems develop-

ment. SOC ould be ee tively used to develop servi es atering to ea h (sub-)

domain and SOC fundamentals su h as interoperability and servi e ompo-

sition ould be further exploited to develop a omplete CA system. This is

shown in a ase study of the Amigo proje t. Therefore, the ontribution of

this hapter is multifold. It provides a domain view of ontext-awareness to

the new omers in this eld and highlights opportunities for SOC pra titioners

in the ontext-awareness domain. Moreover, it also provides a holisti view

of ontext-awareness to the existing resear hers, and helps pra titioners by

means of the Amigo proje t ase study to apply the SOC on epts and the

ontext-awareness domain model in the development of CA systems.