Abstract It is a hallenging task to e iently dis over a relevant business servi e for end-users over the vast Internet. The relevan e of the servi e in a

servi e dis overy an be dependent on its lo ation, the preferen e of a user, or

in general, the ontexts of the servi es and users. However, most of the existing

servi e dis overy methods have not taken ontext information and diverse

user needs into onsideration. We present herewith a pra ti al approa h to

ontext-aware servi e organization and dis overy, where semanti attributes of

servi es and user's ontexts are taken into onsideration during servi e lookup.

Servi es are organized logi ally in two users' perspe tives: lo al and global,

and issues su h as lo al servi e administration and priva y are onsidered in

the system design. To further enhan e the servi e mat hing apability in

Business-to-Business (B2B) settings, i.e., to satisfy dierent per eptions of

requestors, an asymmetri way of omputing Web servi e pro ess similarity is

proposed. The major ontributions of this work are the proposed framework

for supporting ontext-aware servi e organization and dis overy in real time,

and the pro ess mat hing s heme for B2B appli ations.