There has been a lot of ontext-aware omputing resear h in re ent years,

espe ially in ubiquitous omputing. However, there are very few ontext-

aware work for Business-to-Business (B2B) ollaboration. This hapter puts

forth a B2B Context Model to support ontext-aware approa hes in B2B

ollaboration, in parti ular to support supply hain appli ations. The model

is built on the twin foundations of typi al ontext elements and domain spe i

ontexts from supplier sele tion. This model was validated for ompleteness

against an industry de fa to standard, RosettaNet. As an example of how

to use this model, an implementation for partner sele tion to support B2B

ollaboration is presented, in orporating a hybrid Multi riteria De ision Mak-

ing (MCDM) te hnique, Fuzzy Deviation Measure.