With the wide spread of the Web 2.0 philosophy, end-users are being em-

powered with tools for proa tively reating and sharing their own ontent and

servi es a ording to their needs, mainly in the Internet arena, thus reating

expe tations also in the tele ommuni ation world. The preferred approa h is

to develop platforms for User Generated Servi es (UGS) that enable users to

author and ompose (mash-up) their own adaptive and personalized servi es,

to apitalize user ommunity's olle tive intelligen e to reate new knowledge

and value, foster reativity and opt for the most useful ones without wait-

ing for operators to oer them in their servi e portfolios. Personalization is

per eived as an added value fa tor as it drives the servi e usage and as a

onsequen e the ow of revenues for servi e providers and operators. Ser-

vi e personalization is the way to provide users with servi es tailored to their

needs, preferen es, interests and expertise.