Abstract Context-aware Web Servi es omprise a te hnologi al trend that has be ome the atalyst for the provision of innovative servi es, paving the

way for the brave new world of the Future Internet. On the other hand, they

bring the issue of personal priva y to the spotlight; not only ontext awareness

natively depends on the olle tion and pro essing of personal information, but

also the Web Servi es ar hite tural on epts in rease the leakage-proneness of

the data ows. This hapter aims at ontributing to break the false di hotomy

between the provision of advan ed servi es and personal priva y, fostering the

introdu tion of priva y awareness in this lass of servi es. Having as a starting

point the personal data prote tion legislation and fair pra ti es, the hapter

dis usses the asso iated hallenges and identies the stemming te hni al re-

quirements. It puts in pla e the notion of priva y ontext, targeting to

make the fundamental priva y prin iples integral to ontextual information,

and proposes an abstra t ar hite ture for its enfor ement. This way, the

hapter aims in serving as a guide for developers and providers, by setting the

fo us on the priva y hallenges and solutions related with ontext-aware Web

Servi es.