Carlos Parra, Xavier Blan , Lauren e Du hien, Ni olas Pessemier,

Rafael Leaño, Chantal Ta onet, and Zakia Kazi-Aoul

Abstract As any software, Web Servi es have to fa e various exe ution environments. We then talk of ontext-aware Web Servi es. Moreover, Web

Servi es ould also be used in mobile environments. For su h environments,

it is ne essary to have several produ ts (e.g., dierent implementations of the

same servi e), whi h may be deployed on various terminals. Furthermore,

mobility involves the ability to dynami ally hange the systems fun tions at

runtime in a ordan e with the environment variations. A Software Produ t

Line (SPL) paradigm may be helpful to deal with the produ tion of su h a

family of produ ts. In this hapter, we introdu e CAPu ine, a Context-Aware

Dynami Servi e-Oriented Produ t Line for the produ tion and exe ution of

ontext-aware Web servi es. CAPu ine proposes to express Web-Servi e vari-

ability through feature-diagrams and ontext-awareness models. CAPu ine

manages ontext-awareness (1) initially to derivate produ ts using a Model

Driven Engineering pro ess and (2) with an iterative pro ess to modify at run-

time the produ t stru ture and behavior due to ontext hanges using the SCA

platform and the COSMOS ontext management framework through. CA-

PU ine presents the whole pro ess, whi h in ludes ontext-aware Web servi e

spe i ation, ontext-aware platform ode generation and ontext-awareness

iterative loop. The whole pro ess is demonstrated through a mobile-ommer e

s enario.