Introduction 550

Molecular Biology 550

Absorption and Transport 550

Metabolism and Excretion 550

Molecular Pharmacology 551

Copperceuticals and Skin: The GHK-Cu Tripeptide 552

GHK-Cu Analogs 552

The Importance of the Copper Peptide Complex 554

Skin Penetration Study of GHK-Cu 554

Immunohistological Assessment 555

Controlled Usage Study in Photodamaged Skin 555

Methods 556

Clinical Results 557

Viscoelastic Properties 558

Ultrasound Measurements 559

Digital Images 559

Safety of GHK-Cu Complex 559

Conclusions 561

References 561


Copper peptide, a recent addition to the cosmeceutical pantheon, has an extensive

scientific background. This chapter focuses on cutaneous implications.