The purpose of this chapter is to help you learn mathematics more efficiently, more thoroughly, and ultimately more enjoyably.

Most of us study mathematics because we are taking courses in it. But why are we enrolled in these courses? Ideally, it is because we are interested in mathematics, we are intrigued by mathematical problems, we like the lore of mathematics history (what we have heard of it so far), we appreciate the beauty of the subject, we are inspired by the possibility of applying mathematics to real-world situations, and we enjoy talking about mathematics with others, perhaps even teaching others. These are some of the reasons why people are motivated to study mathematics. Another valid reason is that there are

Given these reasons for studying mathematics, it is natural to ask: How can we study and learn mathematics most effectively? In this chapter, you will learn some basic techniques to help you increase your acquisition of knowledge, improve your course grades, and enhance your overall mastery of mathematics.