EBC (acronym), for ‘electric blasting cap’, see ‘detonator’. EBLSC (acronym), for ‘elliptical bipolar linear shaped charge’, see ‘linear shaped

charge’. Qin J.F., 2009. E-box (abbreviation), for ‘electrical box’. Atlas Copco, 2006. EBW (acronym), see ‘exploding bridge wire’ detonator. EC (acronym), for ‘explosive compaction’ see ‘explosive compaction of soils’. eccentric bit, see ‘eccentric reamer’. Fay, 1920. eccentric drill bit, drill bit where, the cutting surfaces are positioned in a non-

symmetrical pattern, over the bit face. Atlas Copco, 2006. eccentric lock, frictional locking device where the contact or locking surface is eccentric to

the center of the pivot arm. Atlas Copco, 2006. eccentric pattern, a mode of arranging diamonds set in the face of a bit in such a manner as

to have rows of diamonds forming eccentric circles so that the path cut by each diamond slightly overlaps that of the adjacent stone. Compare ‘concentric pattern’. Long, 1920.