Lame’s constants, in the case of isotropic material, all coefficients of the elasticity matrix may be expressed in terms of the Lame’s constants λ and μ

λ υ= E

( )v ( )v−+ and

μ = E

2( )+ v1 (L.1)

where E is the Young’s modulus in MPa, v is the Poisson’s ratio. lampblack, carbon in form of a black or grey pigment made by burning low-grade heavy

oils or similar carbonaceous materials with insufficient air, and in a closed system so that the soot can be collected in settling chambers. Properties are different from carbon black. Used as a black pigment for cements and ceramic ware, an ingredient in liquidair explosives, in lubricating compositions, and as a reagent in the cementation of steel. CCD, 1961.