Kyoto is said to be the spiritual root of Japan. (Courtesy of the ICM 1990.)

The choice of Kyoto as the first non-Western city to hold an international congress united the purity of traditional Japanese culture with the modern atmosphere of an active industrial city. On the one hand, Kyoto is

The Kyoto International Conference Hall, venue of the 1990 congress. (Courtesy of the Kyoto International Conference Hall.)

The opening ceremony program for the Kyoto 1990 congress. (Courtesy of the ICM 1990.)

Ludwig Faddeev, president of the IMU, opened the 1990 congress. (Courtesy of the ICM 1990.)

an ancient city, rich in cultural heritage and activities embodying the quintessence of Japanese folk art. On the other hand, in Kyoto there are companies that are technological leaders in the world. It is an academic city that has produced several world renowned scientists.