Looking at the night firmament, it is difficult to imagine, that all this star magnificence and our Earth were born at the explosion of the fire ball compressed until the sizes of Planck’s length (initial singularity). All symmetry and all laws defining further dynamics of the universe, have been programmed in an initial singularity just as DNA molecules predetermine the future of a person. Just as Big Ben tolls at midnight serving as a signal of the beginning of a new day, this explosion has announced the universe’s birth. It has occurred simultaneously everywhere, having filled from the very beginning all space existing at that moment that has been closed on itself as a sphere surface. Even now, 14 billion years later, the universe feels the consequences of this explosion: huge islands of stars and galaxies, go different directions with a speed close to the light velocity. More recently (1998-1999) we have learned about the existence of one more component of the cosmological environment, a cosmic vacuum, thanks to which the universe’s expansion never will stop and will never be replaced by compression. If the baryon matter and dark matter create the gravitation, the cosmic vacuum creates the antigravitation. In the modern universe the vacuum and antigravitation prevail over the usual matter and gravitation. Therefore, galaxies run up from each other with increasing speeds. So, the universe has a beginning in time, but it has neither beginning nor end in space. It will extend unlimitedly and it will face fading in a boundless cold. However, long before this sad ending, mankind will face problems of space scale. Nothing is eternal under the moon and our Sun is not an exception of this savage law. Approximately in ∼ 1010 years in the Sun’s core all hydrogen fuel will burn out. Therein

radiating pressure will fall and the gravitational forces will start to compress the Sun; that, in turn, will lead to temperature increase and to helium burning. As at the transformation of helium into carbon, more amounts of energy will be already released, the luminosity of the Sun should increase. Energy release will lead to increase of radiation pressure at external layers of the Sun that will cause its expansion, that is, the Sun will turn into the red giant. At that moment the Sun first of all will burn the Earth to ashes (because of the increased release of energy), and then as a result of huge expansion will absorb its remains. Before it will occur, our descendants should leave the Earth and search for a haven on other planets of the Milky Way. However, even earlier they will unfortunately face one more problem. The galaxy nearest to us-Andromeda nebula, approaches us with a speed ∼ 100 km/s. In five-six billions years, both galaxies will collide. It is obvious that it is better to be the observer of this event, than the direct participant, that is, mankind will be compelled to replace our galaxy with an other. To so incomprehensible and senseless scenario of the world, we have come, leaning, first of

all, on the existing standard model of elementary particle physics and unquestionable results of astronomical and astrophysical researches. Millstones of mathematics and experiment

Physics and

have reduced to dust all others, sometimes even more favorable for us, models of evolution of the universe. As it is sad, but at a such scenario our fine Earth is only a tiny and temporary island in a stunningly hostile ocean of the universe. An island, which all the same should be left to continue a human civilization. Only fundamental science and, first of all, physics can lead this history to a more or less happy end. As in the days of Copernicus, it was clear, that there is no force in the world that could stop scientific progress. Despite a rather wide spectrum of measures, even the inventive fathers of medieval inquisition did not manage to make this. And the numerous official brotherhood, demanding an every second practical exit from any scientific research and, in any way, not wishing to understand that progress is an indissoluble chain of fundamental science −→ applied science −→ production, has not managed to stop the development of fundamental science. Although, apparently, it is simple to understand. Actually, take any device or mechanism and track the history of its production back in time. You are convinced, that there was always a source, the certain law discovered in fundamental science. Unfortunately, the time interval between the discovery of this law and the masterpieces of human hands often lasts decades, and even longer. So, created by Maxwell in 1860-1865, the theory of an electromagnetic field was realized in technological discoveries only at the end of the 1890s, and the positron that had been predicted by Dirac in 1928 and was discovered in cosmic rays already in 1932, did not become an energy source at our power stations until now.