In Section 10 we have already gained some insight of the modern theory of the strong interaction. Before proceeding to the quantization procedure, it is worthwhile to systematize and expand our knowledge relative to this theory. This chapter is devoted to this task. In so doing it will be assumed that we deal with classical field theory. The chromodynamics symmetry group SU(3)c is described by generators T

a to obey the commutation relations

[T a, T b] = ifabcT c, (1.1)

where fabc are structural constants (a, b, c = 1, . . . , 8). Generators in the associate representation (dimensionality equals eight) are expressed in terms of the structural constants

( T aadj

)bc = −ifabc,

T aadjT a adj = 3I, Sp

( T aadjT

) = 3δab.