S.L.K.: This room1 has special memories because it was the chairman’s secretary’s offi ce when I was a student, and there are some leftovers from that period. There’s a fl oor button over there, you see, and it still says, “W. T. Martin.” That went under the secretary’s desk. She stepped on it, and then a buzzer rang in his offi ce next door. Somehow it stayed here for all those years. There was a doorway right behind this bookcase: you can see the hinges. There’s a door frame there, and the door, but it’s been covered up on both sides. I think [Richard D.] Schafer was here for one year when he took over from Martin. Levinson, I think, already moved the department headquarters, but I’m not a hundred percent sure. For many years it was Sy Friedman’s offi ce, and before that it was Ken Hoffman’s. Ken really had the offi ce refurbished. He knew he would move in there after he was chairman, so he had the place spiffed up.