This chapter reviews design and predicted performance of Variable well Optical Ics and waveguide prism deflector optical switches. It describes ring resonator optical switches that are expected as ultrasmall optical switches and discusses bandwidth limit in photonic crystal waveguides. The photonic crystal, which was proposed and developed by E. Yablonovitch, has periodic variations of the refractive index like dielectric multilayer wavelength filters. The dielectric constant for electrical signals is expected to be much smaller in the polymer multiple quantum dot than in lead lanthanum zirconate titanate (PLZT) because the Electro-Optic (EO) effect in the polymer wires mainly arises from electronic polarization while that in PLZT arises from atomic polarization. EO thin films of the optical switches may be easily integrated with optical waveguides, waveguide lenses, waveguide filters, and waveguide mirrors by photolithographic packaging with SORT (PL-PACK with SORT). Connection and integration of the nano-scale optical switches can be done by PL-Pack with SORT, molecular nano duplication, and Self-Organized Lightwave Network.