This chapter presents possible applications of artificial materials and processes Opto-electronic (OE) systems such as optical interconnects and optical switching systems. It discusses the impact of the polymer multiple quantum dots built by molecular layer deposition. The three-dimensional (3-D) OE platform is based on scalable film optical link modules. Implementation of OE Amplifier/Driver-Less Substrate that uses high power external light sources might be mandatory for power dissipation reduction within the 3-D OE platform. In 3-D stacked OE multi-chip-module, light modulator/photodiode -embedded waveguide films are stacked together with films containing thin-film large-scale integrated circuits. 3D Micro Optical Switching System will overcome speed limits of ~ms in micro-electromechanical systems and thermo-optics, to provide high-speed massive switching with large-scale integration of optical switches consisting of EO waveguides. Switching speed and power consumption can be estimated based on the charge-discharge model for the prism-shaped capacitor in the waveguide prism deflector.