Many who embark on a career in scienti€c research are motivated by a curiosity about the world and a desire to tackle and solve problems. This is one thing that comes through clearly when research scientists are interviewed. In a U.S. PBS (Public Broadcasting Station) television program, Cool Careers in Science (Scienti€c American Frontiers), discerning questions were posed to a number of notable scientists and engineers. The text can be accessed online and should make valuable reading for those contemplating a research career.* These researchers were asked questions that included why they decided to become research scientists, what academic background is needed, what they do during a typical workday, what they like most about the work, and if there was anything they do not like. There was a certain consistency in the answers, as may be expected, and some of the points made by the interviewees will be discussed throughout this book. There are many requisites for researchers, but I believe that there are three that are essential if a scientist is to have a successful career.