Assuming this has been done, first set the stage a bit with some preliminary file management terminology and steps. Before starting up R, reserve a space in your computer’s storage area

where all material associated with this R Companion might be stored. The first decision to make in performing this task is to choose a drive on the computer – these are typically named A, B, C, and so on; think of a drive as a “documents storage building”. Once a drive is chosen, choose a directory on the drive; this can be thought

of as a “documents storage room” within the chosen “documents storage building”. Next, create a sub-directory within the chosen directory; think of this as a “file cabinet” within the chosen “documents storage room.” Finally, this “file cabinet” can then be made to contain as many “drawers” as desired; call these drawers folders. For example, R-work for preparing this companion was stored in the sub-directory named RCompanion, whose location is is given by

z:\Docs\RCompanion Within this sub-directory, folders named Chapter1, Chapter2, etc. were cre-

FIGURE 1.1: File and folder management; setting up folders within a working directory.