In major economies of the world, millions of people are employed in the IT and software sector. In 2008, more than 4 million people were employed in this sector in the United States.

Indeed the IT and software sector is one of the biggest employers in major world economies. Moreover, more people are expected to be employed in this sector in the future as it is growing fast.

1.2 What Is Project Management? Project management can be broadly deˆned as starting an activity to achieve some stated goals using limited resources, budget, and time. During the project, resources and budget are consumed in a limited span of time (Figure 1.1). After the project is ˆnished, the unconsumed resources and budget should be released. Since each project is started for a customer, a fourth dimension in the project is also added. It is customer satisfaction. ¡e customer must be satisˆed with the goal achieved by the project. ¡is goal could be the creation of any product or service.