Perovskites are among the relatively rare types of accessory minerals of magmatic rocks enriched with REE. Most often they are found in kimberlites, lamproites, melilitic and leucite basalts, carbonatites, jacupirangites, ijolites, nepheline syenites, olivine nephelinites, and more rarely found in rocks of titanomagnetite and chromites deposits, and also in the picrites, some contact-metasomatic formations, chlorite schist, limestone and meteorites. The CaO content in the perovskites ranges from 36.6 to 41 wt% and the TiO2 content – from 54.5 to 59 wt%. The chemical formula of perovskite, which is usually written as CaTiO3, is similar to the formula of ilmenite, which has almost all the Fe ions substituted by Ca ions.