The various elements of culture, alignment, and metrics, along with governance, which we will discuss in Chapter 12, are key factors in integrating strategy alignment and deployment into the daily life of the organization. To instill discipline into the system, leadership must develop a certain level of leader standard work (LSW). Much like the standard work performed by members of a Lean organization, leader standard work involves the leader performing routine functions in a systematic and repeatable way. Following are some benefits of LSW:

• Eliminates guesswork for managers and leaders • Stabilizes the leader’s day • Identifies what leaders should not be doing • Allows routine things to be taken care of with less

mental energy, leaving leaders free to focus on making changes and improvements

• Requires discipline

In LSW, leaders will do the following:

• Scrutinize the current situation based on visual controls where possible

• Focus on gaps revealed between expected progress and actual progress

• Hold people accountable to-• Complete assigned improvement tasks. • Address and close gaps.