Lean and Six Sigma capability to drive strategy execution. We have shown how Lean eliminates waste and process variation more successfully than other execution strategies. We have identified the critical linkage between strategic planning and daily execution. We have shown that to successfully execute a strategic plan, an organization must have a consistent methodology, a strong governance system with the right metrics, and a means of overcoming the inherent resistance to change that exists in all organizations. We have also linked successful strategy execution to organizational alignment. Strategies should align to the value stream of an organization’s products or services and demonstrate how well it is able to both effectively and efficiently utilize its available resources. Strategy linkage focuses on the daily execution of both the operational requirements of servicing its customers along with execution of its strategic plans and initiatives. We have demonstrated how critical it is to establish a culture of problem solving and continuous process improvement so that an organization has disciplined people following the disciplined processes required to execute and sustain the organization’s strategies. And we have provided a means of assessing where an organization is on its path to high performance.