In Chapter 3, graphical technique that provides various useful insights for a resource conservation network (RCN) prior to detailed network design has been demonstrated. However, all graphical techniques are associated with several common pitfalls, such as low accuracy, as well as cumbersome drawing exercises. In this chapter, a well-established algebraic technique known as material cascade analysis (MCA) is introduced. The technique can be used to determine various RCN targets for direct reuse/recycle scheme, for both single and multiple fresh resources. Targeting for threshold problems is also discussed. Depending on the application, the MCA technique may be further categorized as follows: water cascade analysis (WCA; see Manan et al., 2004; Foo et al., 2006b; Foo, 2007, 2008), gas cascade analysis (GCA, Foo and Manan, 2006), and property cascade analysis (PCA, Foo et al., 2006a). However, all of these possess similar structure.