According to the 2010 Mintel Report of the state of the specialty food industry, the total U.S. market for specialty foods in 2010 reached $70.32 billion, with $55.92 billion of sales at retail, and specialty foods represented 13.1% of all food sales at retail1 (Figure 1.1). Sales of specialty foods at retail stores have increased by 10.4% since 2008. Americans consume more than $13 billion in specialty foods annually. In 2010, 63% of all consumers reported that they purchase specialty foods, a dramatic leap over the 46% that reported a purchase in 2009, and also higher than the 56% who bought in 2008.2 Taste (78%), quality (46%), and dietary or health benets (19%) considerations, coupled with natural ingredients and an absence of preservatives, are major reasons given by consumers for purchasing specialty foods.