TORSTEN TEXTOR*, DIERK KNITTEL, THOMAS BAHNERS and ECKHARD SCHOLLMEYER Deutsches Textilforschungszentrum Nord-West eM (DTNW), Adlerstr 1, D-47798 Krefeld, Germany

Abstract-Approaches for coating textile materials with inorganic-organic hybrid polymers were investigated to introduce specific properties to the substrates. The present investigations deal with the finishing of technical textiles, which might, e.g., be used for architectural, automotive or medical applications. The coatings reported aim at improving of the wear-resistance of glass fiber material and creating thin barrier coatings to protect different fiber materials in aggressive environments. The results show that UV-absorbing coatings that prevent photochemical decomposition, coatings changing color when irradiated with UV-light or coatings for bullet-proof vests, that provide stabresistance, are possible.