Abstract-This paper examines the fixation of functionalities (namely, zwitterions) to cellulose surfaces as a means to enhance adhesion. The approach is discussed in terms of the attachment of ionic moieties to cellulose and its effects on mechanical properties of paper handsheets, and the rupture force of two overlapped cellophane films. It was found that the mechanical properties of the paper were improved, especially the wet tensile strength of paper (about 16% of the dry strength). In zwitterionic cellophane films, the dry rupture force was more than doubled compared to unmodified films. The wet rupture force was dramatically increased from an undetectable value corresponding to an unmodified film to 24-35% of the dry strength in zwitterionic films. A new system of bonding is thus proposed based on zwitterions and its contribution to enhanced adhesion of cellulose surfaces is analyzed.