Over the past 15 yr, there has been a great interest in hydroponics in tropical countries worldwide (Lim, 1985; Resh, 1998; Resh et al., 1998; Rodriguez Deln, 1999a, 1999b; Mills, 1999; Furukawa, 2000; Wilson, 2000). A lot of commercial hydroponic operations have begun in Australia, China, Indonesia, Mexico, and Central and South America. Recently, in February 2011, news (www.freshplaza.com) was released on the opening of the largest greenhouse in Australia. It is located near Adelaide at Two Wells. The $65-million, 17-ha (42.5-acre) facility is projected to produce 11 million kilograms of truss tomatoes annually. The company is d’VineRipe (https://dvineripe.com.au). They are using raised trays with rockwool substrate slabs.