The development of open standards for contracted exchange of building information is now beginning to fulfill the promise of efforts undertaken by the buildingSMART chapters and their precursors. A clear example of such a development is reflected in the emerging international adoption of the Facility Management Handover Model View Definition (East 2012a). The mapping of this necessarily complex generic form to specific deliverables that can more readily enforced in contract has been called the Construction-Operations Building information exchange (COBie) by the buildingSMART alliance (East 2008). Today, COBie is mandated for use on United Kingdom (UK) public projects and is in the process of adoption in the United States (US). COBie is also one of the formats in which information in the new international project, Building Programming information exchange (Karlshoj 2011), can be delivered. In this paper, the term “COBie” is used to describe the content of building asset information deliverables regardless of the low-level format in which that information is transported.