Most supply chain management strategies call for robust coordination and collaboration of supply chain partners. Such coordination is possible through effective information sharing through information and communication technologies (ICTs) in general and the Internet in particular. ICTs have enabled companies to disseminate information and coordinate with upstream as well as downstream partners in real time on various issues such as product design and development, procurement, production, inventory, distribution, after-sales service support, and marketing. The companies are now able to explore new supplier bases and directly communicate with the customers in faster and secure ways through the Internet. The other bene£ts of information sharing include better asset utilization, faster time to market, reduction in total order ful£llment times, enhanced customer service and responsiveness, penetration of new markets, higher return on assets, use of market intelligence for better demand management, and ultimately, higher shareholder value. Therefore, a thorough understanding of the ICTs can help companies to derive maximum bene£ts out of these technologies.