Before one starts discussing USB drives and the misuse of USB devices, one must ask what is the meaning of the term USB? Imagine a forensic expert sitting on the stand next to the judge ready to discuss all of his or her investigation results and then the defense lawyers asks, “What does USB mean?” Can you give the court a de”nition of USB? It is possible that one can answer all types of questions but cannot answer the basic question. How will that be perceived by the judge and jury? What impact will this have on the case and will the court accept this person’s ”ndings? How can this person qualify as an expert and his or her work be believed if a basic question cannot be answered? If he or she answers with their own de”nition, the defense lawyer could read a de”nition of USB and discuss how the established de”nition is so different than the so-called expert’s de”nition. How will that be interpreted?