The AR has to have a committee meeting with people from information technology, human resources, the general counsel, and key people from management. They need to create many policies and decide how to govern their organization’s technology and make it work for them in an organization. Policies set the rules of behavior and sanctions need to be discussed for noncompliance. Policies help organizations manage the use of technology to be productive and not be a headache that people misuse to cause the organization endless legal problems. Investigations on netbooks or any other devices occur when policies are not followed and there is an allegation of misuse. Many policy violations also quickly become criminal investigations when it is found that the law is broken. This chapter is about corporate investigations but it is impossible not to talk about criminal investigations because what starts out as shopping on eBay on company time may lead to the discovery of someone misappropriating property or sur”ng child pornography. That is where the investigation stops; everything is packed up for the police, and turned over to them when they arrive.