Super-lift (SL) technique is the most outstanding contribution in DC/DC conversion technology. This chapter introduces the following series of VL converters: Positive-output (P/O) SL Luo converters, Negative-output (N/O) SL Luo converters, P/O cascaded boost converters, N/O cascaded boost converters and Ultra-lift Luo converter. SL technique is more powerful than VL technique; its voltage transfer gain can be a very large number. SL technique facilitates the output voltage increase, in geometric progression, stage by stage. VL technique has been widely applied in the electronic circuit design. All circuits of P/O SL Luo converters and their additional series are derived from the corresponding circuits of the main series by adding a double/enhanced circuit (DEC). SL Luo converters largely increase the voltage transfer gain in geometric progression. However, their circuits are a bit complex. From the construction principle, the elementary double-boost circuit is derived from the elementary boost converter by adding a DEC.