Multilevel DC/AC Inverters have various structures. In comparison with pulse-width-modulation DC/AC inverters, multilevel DC/AC inverters have the following advantages: the switching flying voltage is low, the switching frequency is low, total harmonic distortion is better. This chapter discusses a few new circuits of multilevel DC/AC inverters that are different from those of the existing multilevel DC/AC inverters. They are called laddered multilevel DC/AC inverters. Their structure is simple, and their operation is clear. It is a new approach to the development of DC/AC inverter. Luo-progression is a new progression that is deferent from any existing progression such as arithmetical progressions and geometric progressions. Super-Lift technique is the most outstanding contribution in DC/DC conversion technology. Positive output super-lift Luo-converters can easily lift the DC input voltage into a higher-level output DC voltage. In Mathematics, a progression is a series of numbers or quantities in which there is always the same relation between each quantity and the one succeeding it.