Most of the electronic equipment and circuits require DC sources for their operation Dry cells and rechargeable battery can be used for these applications. However, they can only offer limited power and unstable voltage. Most useful DC sources are AC/DC converters. AC/DC conversion technology is a vast area in research and industrial applications AC/DC converters are usually called rectifiers that convert an AC power sup-ply source voltage to a DC voltage load. Usually, the uncontrolled AC/DC converters consist of diode circuits. They can be sorted into the following groups: single-phase half-wave rectifiers, single-phase full-wave rectifiers, three-phase rectifiers, multipulse rectifiers, power factor correction rectifiers and pulse-width-modulated boost-type rectifiers. The input voltage of a diode rectifier is an AC voltage, which can be single-phase or three-phase voltage. If the input current is distorted, it consists of harmonics. A pure DC voltage has no ripple; it is then called ripple-free DC voltage.