DC/DC conversion technology is a significant subject in research and industrial applications. Since the twentieth century, the DC/DC conversion technique has been greatly developed, and there are plenty of new topologies of DC/DC converters DC/DC converters are widely used in communication equipment, hand-phone and digital cameras, computer hardware circuits, dental apparatus, and other industrial applications. The first-generation DC/DC converters are so-called classical or traditional converters. These converters perform in a single-quadrant mode and in low power range. The voltage lift technique effectively overcomes the effects of parasitic elements and greatly increases the voltage transfer gain. Therefore, these DC/DC converters can convert the source voltage into a higher output voltage with high power efficiency, high power density, and a simple structure. Switched-capacitor DC/DC converters are made of switched capacitors only. Since switched capacitors can be integrated into power semiconductor IC chips, they have limited size and work in high switching frequency.