High temperature relates to high soil temperature, high levels of soil bacteria, lots of insects, and warm water. Conversely, low temperatures result in lower soil temperature, less bacteria, less insects, and less water. High temperature also causes accelerated chemical reactions and decomposition, while cold results in slower decomposition. One of the major sources of microbes is the body itself, described as having a “heavy microbial inoculum in the form of enteric and dermal microbial communities”, meaning the bugs are found mainly in the intestinal tract and on the skin. Medicocriminal entomology is a branch of science whose role “is to examine and identify arthropods on or near a corpse” and then use that information to draw conclusions to determine accurate estimates relative to the interval of time that a body has been exposed to arthropod activity. Entomology or the study of “big bugs” starts with a brief overview of arthropods or critters with jointed legs.