One body occupied the daybed, extended from the convertible couch, lying over the neatly made bed, a pillow under her head, both arms at her sides, palms up. Her le‚ hand appeared mangled. e rst nger, beside the remaining stump of her le‚ thumb, was missing. Her name was Lesella. Another body, that of Maxalline, covered what seemed to be at least half of the remaining «oor space in the room. She lay face down, with the right arm extended over her head, in front of the TV. e third woman, later identied as Deneshia, lay on her side, wedged between the second woman and the TV. A rerun of the Rockford Files provided ctional gunre to accompany its «ickering multicolored light. e overall e°ect was, to say the very least, quite disturbing.