In 2001 my family and I took advantage of an opportunity to purchase 134 hectares (330 acres) of land in northwestern Ontario, Canada. In early 2012 we bought an additional 65 contiguous hectares (160 acres) and now own and care for 198 hectares (490 acres) of mixed boreal forest. The land is in the highly productive southern boreal forest located in the Superior-Saint Lawrence region, a few miles west of Lake Superior’s Black Bay at about 48.8 degrees north latitude. The predominant tree species are trembling (quaking) aspen, balsam poplar, white (Canadian) spruce, Jack pine, northern white cedar, paper (white) birch, balsam žr, black spruce, black ash, and northern (eastern) white pine. There are also a few tamaracks and a wide range of shrubs, herbs, and mosses-a diverse mixture of boreal ¤ora and fauna.