The losses in vitamins A, E, and B2 as well as sensorial changes (odor, taste) in bactofuged, whole pasteurized milk stored at 4oC under fluorescent light and in the dark were monitored over a 15 day storage period. Milk containers tested included: 1 l bottles of (a) clear PET + UV blocker, 350-500 mm in thickness, (b) white colored PET + UV blocker, 350-400 mm in thickness, and (c) transparent blue colored PET + UV blocker, 350-400 mm in thickness. Milk packaged in 1 l coated paperboard cartons and stored under the same experimental conditions served as the “commercial control” sample. Based on sensory analysis, the shelf life of whole pasteurized milk tested in the present study was 13 days for samples packaged in clear blue PET + UV blocker bottles in the dark and 10 days under fluorescent light. The shelf life of milk packaged in the other three packaging materials was 10-11 days in the dark and 8-9 days under fluorescent light.