Leishmaniasis (B) is a parasitic infection transmitted via sand flies. While cutaneous leishmaniasis may present with skin signs and symptoms, the itchy papular rash seen in this case is not a feature. The fevers and palpable

liver edge described in this case may be the initial features of visceral leishmaniasis, but onset tends be slower that what has been described in this case and take a longer time to be manifested from the initial infection. African trypanosomiasis (C) is sleeping sickness. Malaria might present with the fever, lethargy and myalgia described. This should be considered as a potential diagnosis, especially due to the travel history. However, the presence of the papular rash and eosinophilia mean that malaria (D) is the wrong answer. Similarly, influenza (E) does not result in an eosinophilia, making this answer incorrect.