In the spring of 2000, the author, Dr. Oliva, was asked to assist with a criminal investigative analysis of a burglary that had some atypical offender behaviors that concerned the criminal investigators assigned to the case. While examining the case materials, the investigators also asked the author to conduct a case linkage analysis pertaining to two other cases that had occurred prior to this most recent burglary. In the course of conducting the linkage analysis, Dr. Oliva discovered an additional fourth case, believed to be linked to the other three cases. The four cases are presented in the following sections. The names, dates, locations, and other potential identifiers have been altered to protect the privacy of the victims in these cases. The locations presented in this chapter are fictitious and are in no manner meant to relate to any known or existing addresses of actual persons. However, they have been strategically developed to demonstrate to the reader the close proximity between the two victims’ residences and also between their residences and the suspect’s residence at the time the incidents occurred.