MATLAB is a program for numerical computation. It is widely used for control systems analysis and design. There are many toolboxes available in MATLAB. This chapter presents a brief introduction to MATLAB. Simulink is a program with graphical programming facilities for simulating dynamic systems. As an extension to MATLAB, Simulink adds many features specific to dynamic systems while retaining MATLAB general purpose functionality. The chapter explores how to model and analyzes a physical system such as a simple mass-spring-damper system or a second-order differential equation in MATLAB and Simulink. It provides canonical steps, and syntax toward solving the problems. The chapter discusses closed-loop control of the second-order systems using the proportional-integral-derivative controller and its parameters tuning using the Ziegler–Nichols method. MATLAB can find the state-space representation directly from the transfer function in a few ways. The chapter focuses on how to build systems in Simulink using the building blocks in Simulink’s Block Libraries.