This quotation from Mathew Schwartz rings a big bell for us. On a good day, we suspect we are gradually becoming submerged in a vast sea of data, struggling to find any useful pieces of information to cling to. On a bad day, we know we’re already too late, and the weak signals we’re hunting for are lost forever in the noise. We have to deal not only with memos and reports from our esteemed colleagues, but with an endless stream of emails, phone calls, blogs, Tweets, and more. In the security arena, it seems as if there’s another security survey published every week,

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not to mention a gazillion white papers, vital briefings, and urgent advisories.* And to cap it all, Google finds us far more than we could ever hope to read on any topic we care to mention, no matter how obscure, in milliseconds. Contrary to popular opinion, we are not thriving in the midst of an information revolution but drowning under a data tsunami.