OFDMA is a popular high data rate uplink multiple access system, which is currently in use in IEEE 802.11 [34] and IEEE 802.16 [7]. The OFDMA system increases the cell range significantly as compared to the OFDM system that uses TDMA for multiple access. This increase is attributed to the fact that the available transmit power is transmitted only in a fraction of the channel bandwidth, and hence the SNR is improved. However, the OFDMA system suffers from a PAPR problem and this favors single-carrier transmissions. In order to solve the problems encountered in the uplink of the OFDMA system, much attention has been directed recently to another multiple

access system, the DFT-SC-FDMA system [1,9], since a singlecarrier system with an OFDMA-like multiple access would combine the advantages of the two techniques: the low PAPR and the large coverage area.