In the previous chapter, the problem of CFOs for SISO DFT-SCFDMA and SISO DCT-SC-FDMA systems was investigated and treated. In this chapter, more complicated systems are considered. We investigate the equalization and CFOs compensation for MIMO DFT-SC-FDMA and MIMO DCT-SC-FDMA systems. MIMO systems are very attractive in wireless communications because the MIMO technique increases spectral efficiency and capacity of wireless systems without a need for a large spectrum [83]. MIMO systems can be categorized into spatial multiplexing MIMO systems and diversity-based MIMO systems [84,85]. Spatial multiplexing MIMO systems transmit different data streams from multiple transmit antennas to increase the data rate. On the other hand, the basic idea of diversity-based MIMO systems is to receive or transmit the same information-bearing signals redundantly to reduce the probability of deep fading.