Nowadays, our daily life is becoming more and more colorful.

Paintings of cars and various household electric appliances aremuch

more colorful than before, the display of a television set provides

us stimulating colors, and wrapping paper and decorations are

so beautiful. Especially, we are often anxious about the brilliantly

colored coatings that change their colors with viewing angles. One

may think such coatings were not present in old days. However, our

ancestors skillfully used such strange colors to decorate craftwork.

Plumes using peacock feathers, mother-of-pearl inlay work, opal,

and Tamamushi-no-zushi (Japanese miniature shrine whose pillars

are decorated with the jewel beetle’s wings) are typical examples.

In these decorations, natural products were used without further

modifications, while recent rapidly growing nanotechnology can

make it possible to mass-produce these decorations.