Optical add-drop filters have been widely investigated in many areas of application, especially the use of an all-optical device which is formed with a modified add-drop optical filter known as a PANDA ring resonator [1-3]. By using an optical darkbright soliton control arrangement within a semiconductor add-drop multiplexer, promising applications have been observed [4]. In application, one of the advantages is that the dark soliton peak signal is always at low level, which is useful for secured signal communications in the transmission link. The other applications are associated with high-optical-field configurations (such as an optical tweezer or potential well) [5]. Spin manipulation has generated tremendous research progress in many fields, such as the light-shift effect in a rubidium atom [6], magnetic clusters [7], semiconductors [8], GaAs/AlGaAs quantum well [9], carbon nanotubes [10], thinfilm nanomagnets [11], magnetic tunnel junctions [12], and CdTe quantum dots [13]. All of these fields are based on pulsed magnetic resonance technique, which is well developed, but to date the single spin detection still remains a challenging task. The use of photon states for spin manipulation has become a promising technique of investigation, in which photons are the ideal candidates to transmit quantum information with little decoherency. Furthermore, spin states can be used to store and process quantum information due to their long coherence time. Therefore, the investigation of spin manipulation [14,15], spin detection, remote spin entanglement mediated by photons, and quantum-state transfer between photons and spins are of great importance. However, there is still a need to explore aspects of spin coupling and orbital motion of electrons in carbon nanotubes, magnetic manipulations, sidewall oxide effects on spin torque, magnetic field-induced reversal characteristics of thin-film nanomagnets, magnetic vortex oscillator driven by direct spin polarized current, and measurement of the spin transfer torque vector in magnetic tunnel junctions [16,17].