Quick Take ◾ Because healthcare faces such great challenges, we have no choice but to get

everybody involved in identifying and implementing improvements. ◾ Kaizen is a Japanese word that means “change for the better.” ◾ Kaizen is a key part of the Lean management philosophy and strategy. ◾ Kaizen engages all staff, physicians, and leaders in making improvements to

safety, quality, access, and cost, while improving staff morale. ◾ Responsibility for Kaizen cannot be outsourced to consultants or delegated

to a Quality Department. ◾ Kaizen creates higher engagement, which leads to better quality, which

results in lower cost. ◾ The return on investment (ROI) on a Kaizen program can be impressive

( millions per year with little investment). ◾ Kaizen creates a more flexible and adaptive organization, to better cope

with conditions of extreme uncertainty.