Electric power systems are one of the most critical and strategic infrastructures of industrial societies and are currently going through a revolutionary change. Electricity networks worldwide are entering a period of change that necessitates improving intelligent methods of control and management. As a result of the electricity evolution, the electricity infrastructure will become more and more interlinked with network infrastructures. However, the same networking capabilities that can provide these benefits have also introduced vulnerabilities that have resulted in these systems having been identified as one of the most vulnerable targets for an operational network. The management of the framework is critically important in the electrical network and smart grid. The backbone of a successful smart grid operation is a reliable, resilient, and secure communication infrastructure. The advanced technology of intelligent agents (IAs) provides a well-researched way of implementing complex distributed, scalable, and open information and communication technology systems in smart grid. Intelligent control systems are an integral part of the critical infrastructures of power utilities. The capabilities of networking these systems provide unprecedented opportunities to improve productivity, reduce impacts on the environment, and help provide energy independence.