After review, a subcommittee was formed, and the team recommended a consolidated model. The new model (a dyad model) consisted of an RN care coordinator and a social worker. The team also assigned set ratios of one RN to 25 beds and one social worker to 50 beds. The new model eliminated the need for a social worker and a nurse. This organization opted to shift those staff members to the emergency center to provide care-coordination services for that department. Team members were more satisfied with the streamlined process, reductions in redundancy, and improved coordination. Other members of the healthcare team reported improved communication (only two people to interact with vs. three) and improved access to the workstation and medical records (due to fewer people accessing computers and medical records in the unit). This model reduces the redundancy of chart review, the collection of duplicative information, the required amount of communication or handoffs, and the number of extra steps in the process.